Identity ecosystem

In the wake of security breaches with Sony play station and tracking of consumers with Apple, I am wondering where the idea of the identity eco system as proposed by the Obama administration in its, National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyber space, fits into the big picture?

According to the above mentioned strategy

” The Identity Ecosystem will use privacy-enhancing technology and policies to inhibit the  ability of service providers to link an individual’s transactions, thus ensuring that no one service provider can gain a complete picture of an individual’s life in cyberspace  By default, only the minimum necessary
information will be shared in a transaction  For example, the Identity Ecosystem will allow a consumer to provide her age during a transaction without also providing her birth date, name, address, or other
identifying data.
In addition to privacy protections, the Identity Ecosystem will preserve online anonymity and pseudonymity, including anonymous browsing  These efforts to enhance privacy and otherwise support  civil liberties will be part of, and informed by, broader privacy policy development efforts occurring
throughout the Administration  Equally important, participation in the Identity Ecosystem will be voluntary: the government will neither mandate that individuals obtain an Identity Ecosystem credential nor that companies require Identity Ecosystem credentials from consumers as the only means to interact with them. “
The idea is that there will be a more controlled, known and reliable way of conducting transactions online.
The question how ever is whether this initiative takes into account what the future ramifications could be?
This is a link to ‘identity finders’ white paper on potential fall out effects of this initiative.

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