Ottawa online internet policing bill

The Vancouver courier, in a story dated August 8th, talks about a prospective bill being contemplated in Canada; which will take state interference without any warrant a step ahead in the wrong direction.

“The bill will force Internet Service Providers (Shaw, Telus, etc.) to disclose personal information about customers (you and me) to government agents (cops, bureaucrats) and allow government surveillance and data interception (emails, chats, etc.) without court oversight. It will also unleash sweeping warrant powers for police who’ll have carte blanche over personal information obtained online.” (Vancouver Courier)

We are riding a wave of fear, propagated by data breaches and identity thefts; giving into the hysteria and the mob reaction will not provide a solution to the problem.

Increased state policing and invasion of personal privacy by the government at will,  has never been a solution.

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