Diversity Strategy: 6 Factor Analysis


As organizations tackle gender diversity and appropriate strategies, it is essential to take a step back and ask – Why does your organization want to or for that matter need to build a diversity strategy?

Here are 6 foundational factors to consider when analyzing why diversity is important? and what will it help you achieve?

  1. Moral/Ethical Value: Are you seeking to implement a diversity strategy because of the moral value associated with it? Because it is the right thing to do?
  2. Profit Margins: Do you want to increase your profit margins and positively impact your bottomline?
  3. Long Term Growth: Do you want to create a sustainable long term growth arc for your organization?
  4. Employee Retention/Engagement: Do you want to attract and retain the brightest and most productive employees?
  5. Resilience: Do you want to build an organization that can adapt to change, is agile and can recover from setbacks quickly?
  6. Innovation Drive: Do you want to increase the creative and innovative output of your organization?

Conducting this 6 factor analysis will enable you to build the right foundation, in approaching your organizations diversity agenda and the strategy to implement it.


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