Philanthropy Millennials Crowdfunding

Last week (July 10th) I met with Jeffrey Falkenstein, Vice President for Data Architecture at the Foundation Center. During our conversation, we discussed the philanthropic model, it's necessary evolution and the changes to the traditional model of philanthropy. To put it in simple terms: (i) The challenge in collecting data about philanthropic dollars: While traditionally the Foundation Center has... Continue Reading →

Crumbs – Lessons from failure.

On July 7th, 2014 Crumbs Bake Shop Inc. officially notified its employees that it would be shutting down. Briefly, Crumbs, which started off in 2003 as a small store in Manhattan, expanded rapidly to 65 stores and went public in July 2011. By September stock prices started falling and the company’s financial performance had been... Continue Reading →

The Culture Coder

Clotaire Rapaille spoke about marketing with a refreshing perspective at the Yale Club of New York City last evening (Jul 1, 2014). What was most engaging was his underlying core premise for every marketing professional: You need to understand (1) the culture of a region ie the "code" (2) the fundamental unspoken human needs that drive... Continue Reading →

Start Up Tool Kit – Hiring

Forming a startup is exciting business. The focus generally is on the formation of the business entity, securing of funding and the associated agreements surrounding these crucial initial processes (which is also the most glamorous part!). It is the legal, policy and governance/compliance frameworks that a start up develops and implements after the initial rush that has a significant... Continue Reading →

Berliner Gazette Article: Right to be forgotten-Differences between the US & EU

My article on the recent EU court of Justice decision concerning Google and the commonly known "right to be forgotten" ruling was published in the Berliner Gazette on June 2. A reprint of the article from the German Version follows. Construction and stylistic errors may exist because of the translation. Article reprint: The recent decision of the European Court... Continue Reading →

Global Voices Citation

GlobalVoices recently (May 24,2014) cited my  article  "Internet Policy in India: What direction will the new Government head in?"   on the India Law and Technology  (ILTB) Blog as an opinion piece for establishing the correlation between India's economic growth and its evolving internet policies.

Internet Policy in India: What direction will the new Government head in?

My article titled "Internet Policy in India: What direction will the new Government head in?" on the India Law and Technology Blog regarding Internet Policy in India is now out and is available here. The article sets a frame work for the policy issues that the new administration in India needs to consider vis-a-vis internet policy. Reprint of... Continue Reading →

The right to be forgotten

In a recent decision the European Court of Justice determined that an individual within the EU can approach google and other similar large search engines to 'remove certain search results found upon a search of their name' (Zittrain). While the facts of the case have been laid out by various new sources, what is more significant are... Continue Reading →

The Chronicle Review: Capital Man

What is the relevance of our aggregated intellectual capital and its eventual "usefulness"/ "purpose"?  In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article ‘Capital Man’ by Emily Eakin - Eakin quotes Branko Milanovic, who is the  2014 visiting presidential professor at CUNY Graduate Center here in New York. Milanovic in conversation with Eakin quotes - “There is this sterility to... Continue Reading →

The Innovation Puzzle

  Geekwire recently reported on Jeff Bezos annual letter to shareholders where the one single consistent focus was on 'innovation'. This according to Geekwire "makes Bezos one of the world’s most important entrepreneurs."  In 2012 Mark Zuckerberg penned an open letter to potential investors, where one of the points he made was that at facebook they have a saying: “Move fast... Continue Reading →

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