Emerging Trends in the Mobility Ecosystem

The COVID-19 global pandemic has fundamentally impacted every aspect of our day-to-day life and one of the sectors most severely affected has been mobility. These last few months have seen far reaching changes in how we move people and goods from one point to another in a safe, secure and yet cost effective manner. These... Continue Reading →

Diversity stressors can have organizational benefits.

There is a significant and growing body of research which establishes the fact that diversity is a material benefit to an organization and is the driver behind innovation, creativity and increased ROI. However because it is also a concept which can create internal conflict, stress and a feeling of “discomfort” among teams – it’s creation and implementation within the organization... Continue Reading →

Diversity Strategy: 6 Factor Analysis

As organizations tackle gender diversity and appropriate strategies, it is essential to take a step back and ask – Why does your organization want to or for that matter need to build a diversity strategy? Here are 6 foundational factors to consider when analyzing why diversity is important? and what will it help you achieve? Moral/Ethical Value: Are you seeking... Continue Reading →

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable – The Gender Lens for Women.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a premise which is increasingly gaining traction in terms of leadership development and success. There are various articles [e.g. lifehack, inc., inc., forbes, psychtoday] that address this and conversations surrounding it, but a preliminary review reveals, that current literature appears to driven by either a gender neutral or male driven... Continue Reading →

Unconscious Gender Bias – Identifying & Managing it.

As organizations seek to build a more diverse and multi-cultural workforce, one of the more significant impediments towards developing an equitable environment are the unconscious gender biases affecting behavior and lack of processes addressing them. Some such points to consider when developing related diversity initiatives are: The trap of "Act like a man" and "Don't... Continue Reading →

Diversity’s Last Mile Challenge

  Be it telecommunications, transportation, public management, government, non-profits, technology services or e-commerce, there is one challenge common to all sectors: the last mile challenge. Simply put -  it is the actions taken that enable the delivery of goods or services to the final destination or to the final consumers/beneficiaries. When viewed from the lens... Continue Reading →

How to manage a multi stakeholder process

We all know in some format what a multi stakeholder process looks like; without going into the theory of it, in essence the end goal of this process is it promote better decision making by ensuring that the views of the main actors concerned about a particular decision are heard and integrated at all stages... Continue Reading →

Culture Code: Healthy Organizations 

While I was spinning away at my soul cycle class, the combination of loud hip hop and motivational words led to honing in on two concepts that can make for a better organizational culture. Embrace your authentic yourself Every team or department has a unique identity and and value proposition. Healthy organizations enable teams to... Continue Reading →

Diversity Strategy: Stucture vs. Behavior 

Depending on your organizations capacity, at some point you probably already have or will  develop a 'diversity policy' or a 'diversity program' or hired a consultant to conduct a 'diversity workshop'. While viewed within the typical framework this is a step forward, but from an organizational perspective, what does that really mean? A useful tool, is... Continue Reading →

Values that Drive Organizational Growth

I was at a concert by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, the  sarod maestro this Saturday. Besides the beautiful music, I was intrigued by the interaction that he had with his tabla players and his sons who are also accomplished sarod players (Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan). The dynamic interplay between each of the parties... Continue Reading →

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