Diversity stressors can have organizational benefits.

There is a significant and growing body of research which establishes the fact that diversity is a material benefit to an organization and is the driver behind innovation, creativity and increased ROI. However because it is also a concept which can create internal conflict, stress and a feeling of “discomfort” among teams – it’s creation and implementation within the organization is not always realized. This discomfort or unease experienced with diversity its implementation and how it impacts people, has its own unintended benefits that organizations should harness to create collaborative, creative and open work spaces. What are the benefits of embracing being uncomfortable vis-a-vis diversity related … Continue reading Diversity stressors can have organizational benefits.

Diversity Strategy: 6 Factor Analysis

As organizations tackle gender diversity and appropriate strategies, it is essential to take a step back and ask – Why does your organization want to or for that matter need to build a diversity strategy? Here are 6 foundational factors to consider when analyzing why diversity is important? and what will it help you achieve? Moral/Ethical Value: Are you seeking to implement a diversity strategy because of the moral value associated with it? Because it is the right thing to do? Profit Margins: Do you want to increase your profit margins and positively impact your bottomline? Long Term Growth: Do you want to create a sustainable long … Continue reading Diversity Strategy: 6 Factor Analysis